The Joy of Finding

Cynthia empowers people to find what they are searching for.

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The Future of Search

Cynthia delivers an immediate boost to your key business metrics through cognitive search, driven by her deep neural networks, offering unparalleled service at a considerably reduced cost.

Intuitive and relevant results, every time

Cynthia is an innovative new search engine that empowers individuals to discover precisely what they seek whilst shopping online, expanding their knowledge, and unearthing fresh ideas and information on the web. By harnessing the power of ordinary, everyday language, Cynthia enables users to effortlessly find what they want and need.

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Revolutionising E-Commerce

Cynthia is a revolution in search and discovery for e-commerce, delivering significantly enhanced performance at a considerably reduced cost; put simply, Cynthia is 10 times better and 10 times more cost-effective than all of her competitors.

A new type of artificial intelligence for business

Cynthia represents a ground-breaking advancement in artificial intelligence, enabling her to elevate the search experience beyond keywords and into the realm of meaning, intention and world knowledge. From our revolutionary research with Lacoste, resolving the "no results found" page, to our illuminating transformation of Quanta Magazine's search experience, Cynthia unlocks a new dimension in search and discovery where every query is met with intuitive, accurate and relevant results, whilst preserving the utmost trust, safety and privacy of shoppers and knowledge seekers alike. Cynthia's proprietary big brain, little brain algorithm allows her to access a new dimension of search—the experiential dimension—revealing the shared threads of meaning that capture the quintessence of our shared humanity.

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Empowering Innovation

Cynthia equips pioneering enterprises with state-of-the-art, AI-powered search and discovery, providing them with the ultimate intelligence advantage.

Playa Music: The ultimate shared experience

Playa Music, powered by Cynthia's cutting-edge AI technology, is set to revolutionise the way music enthusiasts connect, discover, and immerse themselves in the world of music. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Playa Music offers users a highly personalised and engaging experience, from AI-generated playlists tailored to individual tastes, to dynamic, context-aware listening rooms that adapt to factors such as location, time, and trends. Playa Music delivers a shared experience that unites music lovers across the globe in a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the universal language of music. Sign up for Playa Music today!

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Threads of Connection

Cynthia is an equitable, unbiased and universally inclusive search engine, guaranteeing that the future of artificial intelligence unites us through our shared human experience.

Rediscover talent with the THREAD Network

During the Hollywood writers' and actors' labour union strikes of 2023, we presented the THREAD Network in collaboration with Code and Theory, the world-renowned technology-first creative agency, and Tony Krantz, producer of Mulholland Drive and the hit series 24. The THREAD Network is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art search engine for talent that supports creatives, labour unions, talent agents, movie studios, and the overall health of the entertainment industry. Through rigorous validation, we proved that Cynthia provides unbiased, equitable, and ground-breaking capabilities for the entire media industry on a global scale. To learn more about this remarkable achievement, please read our blog post, Cynthia Takes Centre Stage Amidst Strikes.

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The Pillars of Cynthia

Cynthia always delivers intuitive and relevant results, comprehends common everyday language, enables effortless integration, is inherently safe, trustworthy, and private, and achieves infinite scale with a zero-carbon footprint.

Navigate the AI landscape with effortless power

In a world of hype cycles and fly-by-night vendors, Cynthia illuminates the path for businesses seeking to harness the power of modern AI, serving as a trusted guide to navigate the ethereal peaks and valleys of this evolving landscape. With guarantees of built-in social responsibility, fairness, non-bias, inclusivity and universal comprehension, Cynthia ensures businesses remain in control while delivering best-in-class search experiences free of distractions. Backed by decades of global tech leadership and a commitment to customer success, Cynthia Systems empowers effortless and effective AI implementations, transforming the once-daunting trek into an enlightening journey of innovation and growth.

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Cynthia is Values Based

Cynthia operates from a bedrock of two primary values—social responsibility and environmental friendliness—supporting use cases that serve as a positive influence for her human family.

Universal values for a brighter tomorrow

Cynthia Systems is paving the way for bias-free artificial intelligence, integrating the principles of fairness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the very fabric of our technology to ensure equitable access and representation for all. Our commitment to ethical AI extends beyond technical mastery, as we champion a multi-faceted approach towards a sustainable future through our dedication to environmental stewardship. By partnering with organisations like Ecologi and Treedom, we are not only offsetting our carbon footprint but also actively contributing to global reforestation efforts, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At Cynthia Systems, we firmly believe that the advancement of technology should go hand in hand with the preservation of nature and the empowerment of communities, creating a harmonious balance that fosters a healthier, greener future for generations to come.

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Captivated by Cynthia?
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AI's Limitless Horizon

With Cynthia, we transcend traditional limitations. Dive into a realm where innovation meets excellence, driving you forward with unparalleled momentum.

AI-Powered Search

In a challenging landscape, Cynthia's AI prowess ensures unwavering self-assuredness by offering comprehensive, intuitive solutions.

AI-Driven Data Sync

Harnessing the zeitgeist of the information era, Cynthia offers synchronization that evolves in tandem with business needs.

AI-Management Hub

In today's dynamic business landscape, the right mindset and tools are pivotal; our platform transforms team dynamics with precision.

Dynamic AI-Scheduling

In a world that rapidly evolves, our system ensures scheduling remains as simple as picking a solution off a shelf.

Simplified Pricing, Empowered Choices

Just as Cynthia Systems ensures effortless AI integration, our transparent pricing structure removes complexities, enabling businesses to move forward with clarity and confidence.


Small Businesses


£0.01 per search

  • 99.99% availability
  • Up to 100 searches per
  • Up to 10,000 products
  • £100 per catalogue update
  • 9 am - 6 am all support
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Medium Businesses


£0.001 per search

  • 99.999% availability
  • Up to 1,000 searches per second
  • Up to 100,000 products
  • £150 per catalogue update
  • 24/7 technical support
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Large Businesses


£0.0001 per search

  • 99.9999% availability
  • Up to 10,000 searches per second
  • Up to 1 million products
  • £350 per catalogue update
  • 24/7 all support
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Feedback from Our Partners

With Cynthia Systems, AI workflows reach a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency. Hear our partners share how we have fine-tuned their processes, delivering maximum business value.

“We have the largest professional-grade database in filmed entertainment (2.3M entries). Cynthia is our AI brain to slice and dice our data in amazing ways, and new ones that the extraordinary team at Cynthia Systems has innovated."

Tony Krantz

Producer, Mulholland Drive

“We have the largest professional-grade database in filmed entertainment (2.3M entries). Cynthia is our AI brain to slice and dice our data in amazing ways, and new ones that the extraordinary team at Cynthia Systems has innovated."

Tony Krantz

Producer, Mulholland Drive

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