Privacy Policy

Cynthia Systems Customer Privacy Assurance

At Cynthia Systems, safeguarding your privacy stands as our unwavering commitment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our detailed Customer Privacy Policy, where you can gain comprehensive insights into the meticulous manner in which we handle your data, including its collection, usage, disclosure, transfer, and storage. To exercise control over your data, kindly visit the “Manage your Cynthia Systems account” section. For any corrections or general queries, please reach out through the “Contact Privacy” option. Your trust is our priority, and we are here to assist you at every step.

Understanding Personal Data at Cynthia Systems

At Cynthia Systems, we steadfastly uphold the principle of universal privacy rights, ensuring that the sanctity of personal data remains unswayed by geographical boundaries. We define “personal data” as any information that can be connected to an identifiable individual, either directly or through reasonable means. This encompasses direct identifiers like your name and indirect identifiers such as your device’s serial number. It is pertinent to note that data amalgamated in a manner that nullifies identification is deemed as non-personal data according to our Privacy Policy.

Our policy delineates the manner of handling personal data across various touchpoints, including our websites, Cynthia Systems apps, and direct interactions, be it telephonic or at our retail outlets. However, this policy stands exclusive to Cynthia Systems and its affiliated entities, and does not encompass third-party apps available on our platform or third-party links integrated into our services. We urge you to peruse the privacy policies of these third parties to safeguard your privacy rights while engaging with them.

Your Privacy Rights at Cynthia Systems

At Cynthia Systems, we hold in high regard your entitlement to manage your personal data conscientiously, a prerogative that facilitates the knowledge, accessibility, correction, transferability, and the discretionary restriction or deletion of your personal data. This is a non-discriminatory policy, assuring you of unchanged service quality, even in the wake of withdrawing a previously granted consent regarding your data processing.

Differential Privacy & Personally Identifiable Information

Understanding Differential Privacy: Think of differential privacy as a magic cloak for data. Just as a cloak might make someone invisible, differential privacy makes individual data points "disappear" into the broader crowd. It means that if we were to look at the data, we'd see general patterns and trends but would be unable to pick out specific details about any one individual.

A Relatable Example: Imagine a fruit basket containing apples and oranges. If you were to add or remove one fruit, the overall composition of the basket wouldn't dramatically change. In the same way, with differential privacy, adding or removing one person's data doesn't significantly impact the overall information derived from the dataset. So, even if we analyze the data, we can't pinpoint specifics about any single fruit (or in our case, a person).

Our Commitment: At Cynthia Systems, we operate on a principle of data integrity. We do not accept, store, or buy Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from clients, customers, or third-party data providers. Our steadfast rule is to avoid any exchanges that could compromise your private and identifiable details.

But what does this mean for you? Given our rigorous standards, it's virtually impossible for us to delete your data upon request, primarily because we ensure there's no direct link between any potential identifiers and the data we utilize. Our machine learning models thrive on generalized patterns, not individual specifics. Instead of using exact ages, we use age ranges; instead of street addresses, we rely on broader locations like cities or states. This aggregation process retains the crucial patterns our systems need, while eliminating any data that might reveal who you are.

In a nutshell, Cynthia Systems is more than just a tech company. We're a beacon of trust in a world brimming with data. With us, your privacy isn't an afterthought—it's designed into the very fabric of our operations. With Cynthia, you're safe, valued, and most importantly—private.

Data Management & Your Choices at Cynthia Systems

At Cynthia Systems, we prioritize understanding and transparency when it comes to data. While most of the data we gather through certain technologies is deemed non-personal, there are times and places where unique identifiers, like IP addresses, fall under the category of personal data due to local regulations. If such a blend occurs, ensuring the privacy of that combined data becomes paramount to us, and it's handled with utmost care in line with our Privacy Policy. In essence, with Cynthia Systems, your data is yours. We're just stewards, ensuring it's used responsibly and transparently.

Cynthia Systems: Your Privacy in California and Beyond

At Cynthia Systems, we uphold the same gold standard for privacy, irrespective of your location. Our universal software approach ensures consistent privacy features for all users, transcending borders.

Understanding California Privacy Rights: Residents of California enjoy specific rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This includes knowing, accessing, correcting, and erasing their personal data. Furthermore, Californians can opt out of their data being sold or shared and have the right to equal service and pricing, even if they exercise these rights. At Cynthia Systems, we respect these rights to the letter. We neither sell nor share your personal details, nor do we discriminate against any user based on their privacy preferences. Our comprehensive Privacy Policy offers a deep dive into our practices, from data sources and usage to any potential third-party interactions.

For Californian customers, your rights are at your fingertips. You can seamlessly exercise them by logging into your account on our privacy portal. If you don't have an account, or you're acting on behalf of someone, reach out to us directly for support. Every request undergoes a meticulous verification process, prioritizing your security. If erasing data is your choice, rest assured that we render it inaccessible and strip away any identifying links.

Web Tracking and Content Sharing: Cynthia Systems stands out from the crowd: we don't engage in cross-website tracking for advertisements, and as such, Do Not Track (DNT) signals don't apply to us. While certain embedded third-party features on our site may set cookies, they can't glean any other personal data from our platform unless you choose to share it.

A Note for Young Users: We empower our younger users with dynamic, interactive features that foster sharing, whether it's publicly or with close circles. If you ever change your mind about content you've shared, our intuitive tools let you remove it with ease. While our deletion functions are robust, it's worth noting that certain content or information might remain in some form. For questions or hands-on support, our dedicated team is always a click away.

Remember, at Cynthia Systems, privacy isn't just a policy – it's a promise.